Growth and Progression within Atplas

Atplas, a company renowned for its commitment to employee development and innovative solutions, has recently promoted James Pick to the position of Export Sales Manager. In an interview, James reflects on his journey at Atplas, sharing insights into his career. 13-05-2024

James’ extensive 30-year career in the water industry has been marked by his tenure at various companies, both family-owned and international. James started life in Purchasing and has evolved over time into Sales, the evolution from procurement to sales demonstrates his adaptability and determination, making him a valuable asset to the company. 

James’ journey began with Tyco Waterworks, where he gained familiarity with the products. Since then, he has contributed his expertise to several industry players, including our now sister company AVK in March 2016. In October 2022, James returned to ATPLAS as the Business Development Manager, and his recent promotion to Export Sales Manager underscores his continued growth and impact in the field.  

This new role is an exciting one for James as it will allow him to explore challenging new avenues for the company, whilst giving him the opportunity to grow the business in both new and existing markets.  With the advantage of such a long standing and well-established product range, James believes he is already ahead of the game to bring the new business on board and we look forward to seeing the fruits of all his labours.  With his enthusiasm and the support of the team, it’ll be exciting to witness the progress and success that comes from his efforts!