Growth and Success as a Key Account Manager at Atplas

Atplas, a company renowned for its commitment to employee development and innovative solutions, has recently promoted Ben Mooney to the position of Key Account Manager. In an interview, Ben reflects on his journey at Atplas, sharing insights into his professional growth, the support he received, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. 25-07-2023

Ben joined Atplas in February 2020, shortly after completing university. Initially working from the Birmingham office, he swiftly changed to a home-based setup due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As circumstances improved, he began splitting his time between the office in Birmingham and the main office and manufacturing site in Bridgend. Now he spends a significant amount of time out on site and visiting customers. 

Starting as a Customer Support Administrator, Ben's role evolved into Customer Support Manager with the arrival of new team members in 2022. Recently, his dedication and expertise led to his promotion to Key Account Manager. Ben said “Three years in customer service, building relationships with our customers and learning what they expect from us has helped me grow professionally within Atplas and into this role.” 

Additionally, Ben acknowledges the valuable training opportunities provided by Atplas, which have contributed significantly to his professional development. Ben explained that “Atplas' commitment to employee development has been great. Their invaluable support combined with enrolling me on tailored courses like Sales Training and a Management programme, have significantly enhanced my expertise, knowledge and overall professional growth. These opportunities have allowed me to advance in my career with confidence.”

When asked about the most exciting aspect of his new role, Ben explained, “it gives me opportunity to get out and meet our customers! We are building long lasting relationships and I love the idea of being able to grow our business, have the chance to show off our innovative solutions and our continuous improvement efforts.” 

Ben highlights “The promotion to Key Account Manager is my proudest moment at Atplas, then hopefully in a few months’ time I`ll be able to say the frameworks which we keep with our key accounts!” Ben finds great satisfaction in meeting customers' expectations while enjoying collaborative work with his colleagues at Atplas.

Ben acknowledges that building an initial pipeline and organising the first round of customer visits was always going to be challenging, however, with support from his colleague Giles Tomlinson (who has since retired), he was able to gather contact information and lay a solid foundation for customer relationships. Ben emphasises the importance of building long lasting customer relationships and he credits Atplas for providing valuable support during the transition, including a month-long handover period with Giles, which facilitated initial meetings and relationship building.

Regarding successful customer interactions, Ben shares where he recently had the opportunity to give a customer a factory tour. “This allowed us to really showcase Atplas' core values, introduce upcoming innovative products, such as the new Matrix Multi boundary boxes and reinforce our commitment to excellence. It also gave us a chance to show the start to finish process of making some of their products in our factory and allowed us to explain the changes that are currently ongoing along with future plans for our site- which is all very exciting.”

Atplas fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation and Ben has witnessed several product innovations during his time at the company, such as the Talbot Plastic STFS and the new Matrix Multi boundary box. Ben emphasised that Atplas welcomes innovative suggestions and is open to considering their potential benefits.

When asked about advice for employees seeking growth opportunities within Atplas, Ben advises being open to new opportunities and taking advantage of the learning and training resources provided by the company.

In conclusion, Ben expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work at Atplas, “I find Atplas a great company to work for and have really enjoyed the few years I have worked here.” He highlights his enjoyment of the company's inclusive and supportive environment and looks forward to continuing his journey with Atplas and contributing to its future success.

With employees like Ben and Atplas' commitment to growth and development, the company is well-positioned to continue thriving and delivering innovative solutions and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.