Providing Sustainable Products

As a leading provider of water fittings and valves from the mains, to your water meter, to your home, Atplas strives to protect one of the world’s most vital resources - water. This is achieved through the effective design of all our products supporting the sustainable management of water. We develop, manufacture and market products of high quality with a long lifespan that are part of a vital infrastructure for water supply.

Maintaining ISO 14001:2015 certification is just one key component of our sustainability strategy. We remain dedicated to continuously improving our environmental performance, embracing innovative solutions, and fostering a culture of sustainability across all aspects of our business.

We have a strong focus on sustainability in our production - both in terms of using recycled materials such as recycled plastic in our black Matrix Plus boundary boxes, but also in terms of using renewable energy.

We selected our energy supplier as 100% of its electricity is backed by zero carbon generation. Atplas achieved a Platinum status certification under the Achilles carbon reduction scheme and also proudly meets the requirements for zero waste to landfill.

Our Values Atplas has five core values that set the direction for how we run our business while at the same time ensuring sustainable growth. These five values, listed below, are interconnected and are the cornerstones of our operations

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Service

In support of the Group Sustainability strategy, Atplas have our own local Sustainability statement and associated policies.