Top 100 in Manufacturing Awards 2023

Rhian Hardy, Head of Supply Chain at Atplas, has picked up the Inspiring Leader award at the Manufacturer Top 100 2023. A fantastic achievement that recognises her outstanding leadership skills, innovative strategies, and dedication to excellence within the industry. 08-06-2023

The Top 100 in Manufacturing Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and made significant contributions to the manufacturing sector. Rhian Hardy's remarkable accomplishments and commitment to driving excellence in supply chain management have rightfully earned her a spot on this list.

Since joining Atplas in October 2020, Rhian has continuously exceeded expectations and demonstrated exceptional growth which have also led to internal recognition and a well-deserved promotion from Procurement Manager to Head of Supply Chain. Rhian has steered her team through a multitude of challenges and her arrival brought the much-needed guidance, support, and stability that the team required to thrive. Rhian's transformative impact on her department and the overall success of our manufacturing operations cannot be overstated.

Through her personalised approach of building rapport and conducting regular meetings, she understood the individual challenges and skills of each employee, fostering a strong and cohesive team.

Rhian's open-door policy and coaching mentality have empowered her team to grow and excel. She has actively pursued professional development opportunities, enhancing her own skills along with those of the team through courses like CILT, ILM, and CIPS. Furthermore, her meticulous attention to detail has led to the review and improvement of existing processes, resulting in the implementation of new structures and a continuous drive for improvement based on KPI analysis.

One notable achievement under Rhian's leadership was the successful review and development of our MRP system, optimising its functionality and streamlining stock management. Additionally, during the challenging times of Brexit and COVID, Rhian's calmness and resourcefulness ensured uninterrupted manufacturing operations by sourcing alternative materials, showcasing her exceptional problem-solving abilities.

Graeme Watson, Operations Director at Atplas said “In the relatively short span of time Rhian has been at Atplas she has made outstanding contributions to enhancing our business processes and maintaining the supply chain, even amidst the challenging times faced by the plastics industry throughout the pandemic”.

“Rhian's award as an Inspiring Leader in the Top 100 in Manufacturing is a well-deserved recognition of her hard work, impact and achievements since joining the business - congratulations Rhian. We are proud to have her as a part of our team and look forward to her continued success”, James Fry, Managing Director.