Company History

Atplas can trace its history back to 1904 when the Talbot business was founded in Winchester by Frederick William Talbot. He developed a machine for tapping under pressure into water mains and installing a valve or "ferrule" without interrupting the water supply.

After 1945, with the upsurge of housing schemes in the UK and infrastructure development internationally there was a significant increase in the demand for Talbot equipment. This resulted in the development of the company into a major force in the water industry. ‘Further product developments followed including in 1983 the Talbot Pushfit range of connectors for service pipes.

Edward Barber & Company (EBCO) was founded in London in 1908 as a metalworking company.  Edward Barber was an engineer and gunmetal founder.

Atlantic Plastics (Atplas) was founded in South Wales in 1974 to manufacture water meter boxes for the UK water industry. Atplas moved to its current site in Bridgend in 1995.

From the late 1990s Tyco acquired several businesses across Europe to found Tyco Waterworks. These included in the UK: EBCO (1996), Atplas (1998) and Talbot (2001).  Manufacturing for all these buildings was consolidated on the Bridgend site of Atplas.  Tyco sold most of its waterworks business to a private equity company in 2010 to form the TALIS Group, and the UK businesses were brought together as TALIS UK.

In 2022 the AVK Group acquired the house connection business of TALIS in the UK, which is the Atplas of today, incorporating the brands of Atplas, Talbot and EBCO, bringing decades of experience of manufacturing products for the water industry.