The all new Matrix Multi boundary box

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Atplas is a recognised and reliable supplier of house connection products for water supply. With an extensive range of boundary boxes for water meters, water fittings and valves for a range of service pipes, Atplas stands for certified quality, product innovation and years of know-how. Our innovation story continues with the launch of the new Matrix Multi boundary box for 4 or 6 meters, made from recycled plastics. 20-02-2024

The new Matrix Multi-manifold boundary box from Atplas is lighter, more sustainable and even more adaptable than its predecessor. Some things haven’t changed, however; it remains the only multi-manifold box approved for use across the UK. 

More adaptable: easier to install

The new Matrix Multi boundary box will be available in four port and six port variants; 1 inlet 4/6 outlets and 4/6 inlets 4/6 outlets. Each port is flexible and can be rotated to make pipe fixing easier, a huge help to contractors dealing with the challenge of varying ground conditions.

In busy urban locations, it is not unusual to find multiple single-meter boundary boxes in close proximity to each other. ‘Meter box clustering’ is not only an eyesore, it makes it difficult to maintain the integrity of the pavement surface leading to potential slips and trips. Installing several meter boxes close together can also be challenging and more complex for contractors. The new Matrix Multi boundary box occupies a far smaller footprint than the equivalent number of single meter boxes, has a smart and tidy visual impact, and minimises disruption to the pavement surface.

Lighter: easier to handle on site

All variants of the new Matrix Multi boundary box could be handled safely on site by a single operative.

Atplas has invested over a million pounds in new injection moulding machines, tooling and testing machines to create the new Matrix Multi boundary box. The use of injection moulding means the new two raiser Matrix Multi boundary box weighs only around 23kg; an impressive 46% lighter compared to the original multi box. 

More sustainable: better for the environment

Previously manufactured exclusively from virgin polymer, the guard tubes and base of the new Matrix Multi boundary box are made from recycled polypropylene. This massive reduction in the use of virgin polymer, dovetails with water companies’ ambitious carbon reduction objectives. Furthermore, the end-of-life box is 97% recyclable.

A British manufacturing success story

The new Matrix Multi boundary box will continue to be manufactured in South Wales. In addition to meeting the needs of UK water companies, the development of the new Matrix Multi offers significant potential for further growth in international markets.